SolarWind website launched

The only working SSR solution for Unity 5! Really lightweight – just 1 draw call! Simple to use. Just drop SSRScript.cs on the camera!
This is a post effect solution from experienced render developers (ex-Ubisoft). Reflections are computed in screen space, so the time it takes to process is independent of scene complexity.
Reflections can be adjusted on per material basis. Oculus Rift supported! Unity Pro only. Deferred lighting only. PC/Mac/Linux

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First playable Solar Wind

Hi! Thanks to all who support our project Solar Wind in the competition #gamesjamkanobu. For those who have’nt supported us yet here is the reference: and link to our project . Vote for the Solar Wind possible in all three categories: vision, concept art and a playable version.

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So, we are on #gamesjamkanobu with Solar Wind. The game has ben featured. We are going in 2 categories: vision and concept art.

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